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The 2023 editions of the Fundtruck Competitions (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Competitions") are open to young French start-ups and SMEs, created less than 10 years prior to the opening date of the competition, needing between €100,000 and €3 million for their development (hereinafter sometimes referred to as "Participants").

The Competitions offer Participants the opportunity to make themselves known, via the website http://fundtruck.com/ (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), to investment professionals and support providers and to be selected, by application, to participate, if they so wish and if they accept the conditions, in a series of roadshows enabling them to pitch to investment professionals (hereinafter referred to as the "Fundtruck").

The Site allows visitors, Participants (hereinafter sometimes together or separately the "User(s)") to learn about, register for and participate in the Contest.

By using the Site and taking part, as a Participant, in the Contests, all Users agree to abide by the provisions of these general terms and conditions of use of the Site (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "TOU") and these Contest rules (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Rules").

The Contests are organized by the company SOWEFUND which also administers the Site.

This preamble and the definitions set forth above are an integral part of the TOS and the Rules.



In order to participate in the Contests, Participants must comply with the following criteria and conditions, which they agree to maintain and respect:

The Fundtruck 2023 Competitions are divided into different competitions:

The Fundtruck will visit several cities in each region:

Five (5) Participants will be selected per city to participate if they are willing and have agreed to the terms and conditions of each of the 2023 Fundtruck contests.

The selections are made by the SOWEFUND teams and its partners after studying their application file;

The selection criteria for Fundtruck startups are as follows:

Each contest will allow five (5) Participants to participate in a roadshow during which they will be able to pitch in front of a jury. The participant distinguished by the jury at the end of each contest will be able to participate in the small final.

The course of each contest and its terms and conditions may be modified after the opening of each contest.

During each contest, the jury will designate the Participant having realized the best pitch in the eyes of the jury. In case of a tie on the day of the contest, the sharing of the two tied candidates will be done by SOWEFUND.

Users may register and participate in a contest free of charge as long as they meet and respect the conditions.

The winner of the small final will be able to participate in the Grand Final which will take place in November in Paris.



In order to register, the Participant must complete the application form found at fundtruck.com/apply.

The information transmitted by the Participants at the time of their participation in a Contest and in particular at the time of their inscription could be communicated by SOWEFUND to its partners.

The Participant will receive an email confirming registration.

To register for a region's competition, participants must have their head office in the region concerned.

The validation of the registration form is done within 48 hours by the moderator.

By registering, the Participant undertakes to respect the Rules and the current and future GTC, the Participant undertakes in particular to behave towards SOWEFUND and the other Participants in an honest and sincere manner as well concerning the information transmitted to SOWEFUND


Participants can register for the various Fundtruck competitions from March 20, 2023.

The list of Participants will be made public only 5 days after the final closing of entries

At the end of the review of the applications, SOWEFUND will announce the winners:

The winner of each competition will be able to participate in the Grand Finale which will take place in Paris in early November 2023.


The Fundtruck Grand Finale is an opportunity for any Fundtruck 2023 winners to be recognized for the quality of their pitch by a panel of professionals assembled by SOWEFUND.

The finalists from each region will have 3 minutes to convince a jury composed solely of investment funds. At the end of the pitch session, the jury will have the opportunity to ask questions to the finalists. During this event the finalists. The different members of the jury will then vote for the startup they would like to see win the 2023 edition of Fundtruck. The jury members vote in their conscience.

In 2023, our partner Mediatransports will award the overall winner a prize worth €100,000 gross, equivalent to one or more poster campaigns on the digital networks operated by METROBUS, METROBUS ILE DE France or MEDIAGARES. The advertising format will be 10 sec. Terms and conditions: MEDIATRANSPORTS will be responsible for the cost of putting the advertisements on line. The campaign will be broadcast during the day, over the period chosen by the winner, subject to screen availability. The campaign offered by MEDIATRANSPORTS must be used within 12 months of the prize being awarded. Under no circumstances may this campaign be retroceded to a third party by the winner or the organizer. MEDIATRANSPORTS' General Terms and Conditions will apply to the campaign in question. MEDIATRANSPORTS reserves the right to postpone the campaign in the event of advertising congestion. The campaign will consist of a maximum of 10 different visuals. The graphic creation of the advertisement will be managed by Sowefund if required.



Participation in the Contests and, more generally, access to and use of the Site are subject to these TOS.

By registering as a Participant and more generally by using the Site, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted without reservation these Terms and Conditions.

SOWEFUND can at any time modify and update the present GCU. The GCU in force at the time of the use of the Site are those which are opposable to the User.

Users are advised to keep themselves regularly informed of the current Terms and Conditions. The current version of the Terms and Conditions can be consulted at any time by clicking on the link "Terms and Conditions".


It is the sole responsibility of the Users to ensure that the personal data allowing them to be identified are accurate and complete.

Finally, the validation of the registration form is done within 48 hours by the moderator.


The access and use of the Site as a User is valid for the duration of the Competition, i.e. until 01/12/2023, excluding the following cases:

If SOWEFUND removes the account of a user according to the methods defined in paragraph 6 of this charter;

Access to and use of the Site as well as registration and participation as a Participant is free of charge for all Users.

SOWEFUND, reserves the right to refuse the access to the Site, unilaterally and without preliminary notification, to any User not respecting the present conditions of use.

SOWEFUND implements all the reasonable means at its disposal to ensure an access of quality to the Site, but is not held with any obligation to achieve it.

SOWEFUND cannot, moreover, be held responsible for any dysfunction of the network or the servers or any other event escaping the reasonable control, which would prevent or degrade the access to the Site.

SOWEFUND reserves the possibility of interrupting, of suspending momentarily or of modifying without notice the access to whole or part of the Site, in order to ensure the maintenance of it, or for any other reason, without the interruption opening right to no obligation nor compensation.

SOWEFUND reserves the right to make paying certain services (except the access and the participation in the Contest), at any time, without that the Users are informed beforehand.



The comments made on the Site are published under the exclusive responsibility of their authors. It is therefore up to each User to respect the laws and regulations in force.

In particular, each User agrees that the comments published by him/her do not constitute :

By way of illustration, each user is prohibited from posting comments on the Site whose content is related to :

Likewise, it is forbidden to broadcast :


Each User shall ensure that his contributions :

The users of the Site are required to respect the provisions of the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 "Informatique et Libertés", the violation of which is liable to penal sanctions.

In particular, they must refrain, with regard to personal data to which they have access, from any collection, any misuse, and in general, from any act likely to infringe the privacy or reputation of individuals.

The deletion or modification of data, the alteration of the functioning of the information system or the hindering of its operation, as well as all malicious acts committed by the introduction, deletion, falsification of data or of the way they are processed or transmitted, are forbidden and punishable by law.


Each User is personally responsible for the use he or she makes of documents, data and information from the Site.

SOWEFUND cannot be held responsible by the Users for the possible consequences of the use of the data and information contained in the messages of the other users, nor of the incidents, accidents or damage of any nature, possibly caused with the data-processing hardware of the user of the Site (machines, software, recorded data...) at the time of connection to the site, as well as of the possible impossibilities of connection, interruptions of connection, unavailable contents, difficulties of access...


User files and privacy protection

SOWEFUND is committed to respecting the confidentiality of personal information (name, first name, e-mail address) which would be communicated to it at the time of the inscriptions on the Site.

In accordance with article 38 of the French law "Informatique et Libertés" n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the Users may object to their data being used for prospecting purposes, in particular commercial, or being transmitted to third parties.

In addition, in accordance with Article 40 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi "Informatique et Libertés" n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978), Users have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them.

This right can be exercised by writing to :


General Management

46 rue Servan 75011 Paris

or by sending an e-mail to the Site moderator at the following address fundtruck@maddyness.com

Retention of comments

Backups may be made in order to store exchanges on the Site.

Modification of the content published on the Site.

SOWEFUND reserves the right to modify the topics appearing on the Site or more generally to reorganize the structure of the aforementioned site. Consequently, all or part of the comments published on the Site can be modified or removed without having to warn the users directly and personally.

Content Control - Moderator Role

In order to proceed with investigations to determine the cause of certain malfunctions or in case of violation of the rules of use of the Site and the provisions of this charter, a moderator will read the comments of users.

This moderator has the right to delete prohibited messages or to reclassify them in the appropriate topic.

In the cases provided for by law, the administrative and judicial authorities may have access to all the information saved, as well as to the content of the Site.


In the event of non-observance of the provisions of this charter, the account of the User could be deactivated without preliminary formality. Moreover, SOWEFUND reserves the right to pursue the User:


If you have any questions about these general terms and conditions of use, or more generally about the operation of the Site, please contact the Site moderator at fundtruck@maddyness.com.